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Introduction To Achievements

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Introduction To Achievements  Empty

Introduction To Achievements  Empty
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Introduction To Achievements  Empty

Introduction To Achievements  Empty
PostSubject: Introduction To Achievements Introduction To Achievements  EmptyWed Aug 21, 2013 6:18 pm#1



The achievements section is the place to call your bank of accomplishments in RDA, that will be all listed in your signature with userbars. After some time, you'll see how much you've done in RDA by looking at your signature finding it full of userbars and achievements. For each achievement/userbar you'll gain some cool prizes, basically DPs and maybe for advanced achievements you will get more valuable items.

List of achievements:

Dorms Achievements Here
Posting Achievements Here
Battle Arena Achievements Here
Shadow Arena Achievements [TBA]
Unlimited Arena Achievements [TBA]
Anime Arena Achievements [TBA]

Requesting achievements

To request an achievements you'll need to post in the main thread made for that where you'll provide what type of achievements you're asking for. a Mod/Admin will check if you're fitting the requirements for the achievement then award you and give add you the userbar (You can add it youtself if an admin didn't do this, just make sure that a mod confirming it for you).

Requesting Thread: HERE

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Introduction To Achievements  SrKFOck

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Introduction To Achievements

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