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The Online Magazine: An Intro

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The Online Magazine: An Intro Empty
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The Online Magazine: An Intro Empty

The Online Magazine: An Intro Empty
PostSubject: The Online Magazine: An Intro The Online Magazine: An Intro EmptyThu Aug 01, 2013 10:27 am#1

Welcome to the online magazine section. Here you will find articles after articles on the things that interests RDA as a community. As articles pass by I find add them to this thread so this is sort of a contents page and add some GFX etc.

The main idea of the online magazine is to promote events, arenas and of course Yu-Gi-Oh. Now I will talk through the activities I will be running on the Online Magazine, from competitions to Interviews.

Interviews - Here every two weeks I will be interviewing an important member of the RDA community. They will be asked questions on different topics and they will be asked to answer them. The interview will then be posted for you to read.

Online Interview #1: RsS.YuGi -

Promotion for events - Events will be promoted by the Online Magazine so that the event gets some recognition by the members. Each event created will recieve a special article promoting it.

Dueling/Deck Tips - Every week I will be posting up a deck with tips on how to use the deck. If you would like a deck that you would want me to post up then I will be happy to try and make an article on it. This section will start from the Top teir all the way to the bottom so I will be starting with elemental dragons

Card Tips - I will post individual archetypes and give tips on where and when to use them for example my first archetype will be Dragon Rulers and I will post eachbof their cards with tips on them. This might also sometimes overlap with the deck/duelling guide for example the first Tip (below).

Card/Archetypes Tip #1: Dragon Rulers:

TCG/Banlists - Here I will be talking about the Banlists and TCG tournaments and tips. You are welcome to post your experience in TCG IRL tournaments.
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The Online Magazine: An Intro

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