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Blackwings Deck Guide

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Raven Zecrow

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Raven Zecrow

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Blackwings Deck Guide Empty

Blackwings Deck Guide Empty
PostSubject: Blackwings Deck Guide Blackwings Deck Guide EmptyThu Mar 26, 2015 1:07 am#1

Blackwings Deck Guide

Blackwings Deck Guide Blackwing_smallcopy-1


No one can forget our feathered warriors that debuted in Japan in 2008 and took the game by storm. Though they've fallen off the meta and are no longer considered a competitive threat, these bashful birds are back in black and with their new support that was recently released, they're looking to make a come back. 

Some even say that the Blackwings are the "Synchro" equivalent to the Raid Raptors that focus their tactics on quick Xyz summoning.  This statement makes more sense when you look at their similarities (such as both of them being DARK attribute decks that are filled with Winged-Beast monsters). 

General Outlook:

  • This archetype consists of all DARK attributed Winged-Beast monsters. 

  • Their primary focus is rapid swarming and going into their ace Synchro Monsters to OTK their enemies. 

  • They have over numerous different monsters, spells, and traps in the archetype that give the deck variety and make them difficult to predict. 

  • They can be combined with the Raid Raptors Archetype to utilize their Xyz monsters such as Force Strix. 

Main Archetype Cards:

NOTE: We'll be starting with the newest additions to the deck that were released this March. Also, I'll only be going over the most useful of the Blackwing Cards since the deck contains so many monsters so I'll be leaving out alot of cards. 

Monster Cards:

Show Cards:

Extra Deck Cards

NOTE: Like the Raid Raptors, the Blackwings ace monsters are related to its summoning method which in this case is Synchro Monsters. Blackwing Armor Wing was removed from this guide simply because it's no longer needed as the Level 6 Synchro monster and has been replaced by Nothung. 

Show Cards:

Spell and Trap Cards

Show Cards:

Playing Style

"Blackwing" Decks focus on swarming. Because of that, they have an aggressive playing style. Also, because of their swarming capabilities, they give many opportunities to Synchro Summon (note that their trump cards are Synchro Monsters) and Xyz Summon.

Their support cards rely on their swarm abilities such as "Delta Crow - Anti Reverse", and "Black Sonic", which can both be activated from the hand when you control exactly 3 "Blackwing" monsters. Some of them take an advantage from “Blackwings” swarming abilities and support it such as "Black Whirlwind".

With the overwhelming amount of near forced synergy and powerful support cards, “Blackwings” are one of the easiest archetypes to play. This along with its overall power and relatively low cost nature made "Blackwings" one of the most powerful archetypes in the metagame.

Useful Combos

Because the archetype has been around for such a long time, players have found many different ways to explore the hidden abilities of our feathered friends. 

  • Shura to Search Combo: One of my all time favorite combos to pull off. First, activate Shura the Blue Flame's battle search ability to bring out Pinaki in whatever position fits the current field. Then, in your Main Phase 2 Synchro summon into Armor Master. Then at the end of your turn, activate Pinaki's effect to obtain a free Blackwing monster in your deck of your choosing. Usually, I'd go with Blizzard so that next turn I have a back up plan if my Armor Master can't survive this turn. 
  • Shura to Level 8 Combo: A new combo I discovered not too long ago that involves Shura, Gale, and Oroshi. Once you have Shura on the field along with either Oroshi or Gale, use its effect to bring out the one you don't currently have and Synchro Summon into a Level 7. Then, use Synchro again thanks to Oroshi into any Level 8 of your choosing. I'd go with Beelze. 
  • Blizzard - Oroshi Tag Team Combo: One of if not the best combinations in this deck that uses Blizzard and Oroshi. If you have Whirlwind on the field, when you Summon Blizzard you'll be able to search for Oroshi and then using Blizzard's effect, instant Synchro into a Level 6 A.K.A, Nothung. Once Nothung is out, you can Special Summon Oroshi and Synchro again into Hawk Joe and use Joe's ability to recycle Nothung, giving you two heavy hitters that if played correctly, can lead to a perfect OTK. 

"Blackwings" have some problems maintaining hand and field advantage due to the overwhelming speed with which “Blackwings” are Summoned, a player can (and often will) find his/her hand depleting quickly, thus lacking resources in case his/her plans goes wrong, (such as in the case the opponent counters a massive Swarming with a mass-destruction card like "Torrential Tribute" or "Dark Hole"); however, with "Black Whirlwind" now unlimited again to ensure the player can always keep monsters in their hand, this situation will happen much less.

Sample Deck

This is a sample deck that I created quickly just to get players started that aren't sure what to use. Of course, it needs serious adjusting to fit whatever play style you choose but it has all the basics you need to swarm your enemies and go for an OTK. 

Blackwings Deck Guide A39cc2c133

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Blackwings Deck Guide

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