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Card Graphic Request

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Kuriboh Brown


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PostSubject: Card Graphic Request Thu Jun 25, 2015 12:53 am#1

I am currently working on a fan-fic and have some Original Cards designed in the theme of Duel Monsters (the second series not Season 0 altough a certain scene in Season 0 will be implemented). Because limiting myself to cards only used in the era while not also being able to create an "Ace Card" for my protaganist. The thing is I am not an Artist and I just cannot draw, that is why I am asking here for help. I know this is suppose to fit in Custom Card Section but because these Cards are missing graphics it is not right to post them there.

If you guys can please do this for me, I will refer to you in the story. Sadly you will not be able to "see" those cards since cannot let me implement these images in the fan-fiction itself. THESE CARDS WILL NOT AND I DO NOT WANT THEM TO BE USED IN-GAME.

The Idea is actually a combination of Dragunity and Elemental Hero Neos Fusions concept where the monster is Equiped to the card is used "Fusion Material"

For those do not  who "Duos" is here is a picture of the monster:

So far I have found no card that represent this Monster Spirit so that is why I want to give this monster to my OC.

Obviously I could just put picture of a screenshot in the anime but that is not enough. I NEED art work of this monster that fits in the DM era theme so please make it CONSISTENT.

Also I need artwork for the magic card that centers around "Duos, Warrior of the Priest" it's weapon.

The next card I want (which is a reference to Share Your Energy With Me!" from DBZ) a scene where a monster is sending its energy to the "Duos Blade".

Now these are cards that I purley based on ruling in the Anime, so you may see these cards not being able to be used in the Anime. The Reason why I am using two different versions of "Duos, Warrior of the Priest" and "Sword of Duos" is because I was thinking about the fact that Duelist Kingdom was more about card combinations and not really about the monsters themself's. That is why I created two Different versions.

Also as for the Fusions there is Duos Dragon:

Which I need some card artwork for this card. Sure I can past it on it but the pixelation effect of the picture does not make it look authentic.

Not to mentioned I need "Similar Artwork" for other Fusion Cards:
In theme for Dark Magician I want the Duos Sword and Duos its face be replaced by the Dark Magician face with a face plate and the spell rod he carries.
While Red-Eyes and Blue-Eyes cleary has the features of those dragons in the SAME WAY Duos Dragon has the feature Curse of Dragon.

Most of the ace monsters of Yugi, Kaiba and Joey are normal monsters so I have that creation of the Normal Card while the Magic Card does the effects. However since Battle City introduced Dark Magician Girl...well you get the Idea, still deciding which version I will definitely use or write something in that give "Duos" an upgrade from Normal Monster to Effect Card.... As for the fusion all I can tell you that there is a certain "Millenium Item" that has been stated in the cannon to be able to do something related to Duel Monsters. For those who have watched Duel Monsters from beginning to End you know what I am talking about.
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PostSubject: Re: Card Graphic Request Sun Jun 28, 2015 7:41 am#2

Well.. being a small community, I only know of one person who does artwork (@Mr.Awesome) and he might not be very willing or alive to help you.

You might get better odds at bigger communities like PoJo, Duelist grounds or even YgoPro Percy.

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Slifer Red


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PostSubject: Re: Card Graphic Request Mon Jun 29, 2015 11:42 pm#3

i have a commission offer on DA every painting will cost you about 7$ for each characters 10$ for new monster designs, and seven more dollars for backgrounds, also, it will be drawn in my style unless you want a specific style it would cause a little bit more, approximately 24-34$ for each painting.  transferred through moneygram to yemen if they still let us cash money in.

here is a sample 

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PostSubject: Re: Card Graphic Request #4

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Card Graphic Request

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