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RDA’s Dorms System | RDA’s Guide

RDA's dorms system is based on 'Skill Points'; by gathering them along aside some other requirements you'll be placed in dorms. Read about the system HERE

If you're new to RDA then you should for sure check the starters guide to know how to navigate RDA and know all about it.
Read the guide HERE
RDA intro


RDA's mini league is an event with groups/leagues system. Prove yourself and your abilities in the game by joining this event!
Status of the event: Sign-Ups Opened.
Link: HERE

Deck Building challenge

===Deck Building Challenge===

Show your abilities in deck making, This round we're requesting a Fire Fist build. Make sure to join this event to win SPs and DPs easily.

Status of the event: Finished.
Link: HERE

Replays Carnival

======Replays Carnival======

In this event you'll be able to share a replay of your dueling where you feel something special, fun or interesting happened, or just a normal replay you like.

Status of the event: Finished.
Link: HERE

RDA’s Casual

======RDA's Casual Tournament======

RDA Casual is a typical normal duel of single elimination system, hosted all the time on RDA.

Current casual: Casual #13/#14
Link: HERE


======RDA's Crown Event======

Aggiba's Blessings #2: Coming Soon

Aggiba's Blessings is the fame and glory that's given to this tournament winner along aside RDA's Crown, this tournament isn't for anyone to join, only those who have won other tournament on RDA can join this event.
On a monthly base (If activity is suitable) I'll be hosting this event to include all the 1st place winners of any tournament hosted on RDA in the past month. In addition, if the 1st place winner is repeated in a winning 1st places, we'll be inviting the 2nd place winner of that tour to join.

Read more about it HERE

Statics Report

======Statistics Report (3)======

-Help RDA To Become Better-

The statistics report is is a sheet of some questions that we'll need you to answer in order to help us improve RDA by knowing what are our strength points and what are our weaknesses. Please take few minutes of your time to answer the statistics Here

New System
======RDA's New System, Activated Now!======

-Dorms System-Skill Points-

Hooray! We're finally back with a new dorm system based on collecting points we call 'Skill Points', Make sure to check out the system!
For more details check the thread HERE

Help RDA Being Active
======Help RDA Being Better======

Activity and how it's helping us as a community to grow bigger and become better, please check it HERE and help RDA being better
Staff Applications

Be a part of RDA and helping it becoming better, if you feel you can and have the experiences needed, please read the following thread HERE

Dice Games

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