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RDA Live Main Rules

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RDA Live Main Rules Empty

RDA Live Main Rules Empty
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RDA Live Main Rules Empty

RDA Live Main Rules Empty
PostSubject: RDA Live Main Rules RDA Live Main Rules EmptyThu Jul 04, 2013 10:38 pm#1

YGOPro Percy's version only tournament!

A live tournament is an 8 person mini tour hosted by a staff when the Chatbox is active. It will work on a first come first served basis, so the first 8 players to sign up will get to participate.


  • Anyone In the Chatbox can join.
  • It will be match format(2 out 3) with siding.
  • You can't change decks during the event not even slight deck changes are allowed. (Changes in deck at all are immediate disqualification)
  • No Exodia, Burn, Stall decks can be used.
  • Result should be posted in the chatbox or in this thread with the confirm of your opponent or replays in case of posting in this thread.
  • If the player is AFK or didn't show up he will be disqualified.

Duel Rules:

This will be a tournament following the TCG banlist and using TCG/OCG cards with all YGOPro options set as default!


1st place winner:
200 Dueling Points
10 Skill Points
Name in Hall Of Fame

2nd place winner:
100 Dueling Points. 
5 Skill Points.

NOTE: Rewards might change depending on the number of participants

winning a live (first live winning):
Title of: First Time Winner
RDA Live Main Rules 8mqUjvn

Winning 2 live in total: 
Title of: Double Strike
RDA Live Main Rules ErqEu2q

Winning 3 live in total: 
Title of: Assasin
RDA Live Main Rules Nrt07cJ

Winning 4 live in total: 
Title of:: Live Domintato 
RDA Live Main Rules F2r3v3K

Winning 5 live in total:
Title of: RDA Ruler
RDA Live Main Rules WW3sRJS

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RDA Live Main Rules

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