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And So The Sun Rises

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And So The Sun Rises Empty

And So The Sun Rises Empty
PostSubject: And So The Sun Rises And So The Sun Rises EmptyFri Aug 02, 2013 7:17 am#1

Paradise. It surrounds me. On going as far as the eye can see, the ear can hear, and the mind could ever imagine. I exist in a perfect world, one could say. Food is plentiful, and when it's not, I do not grow hungry or weary. Water is equally abundant and unnecessary. I am reminded of the Lion King, and how Simba was promised all he could see. That one day, it would all be his. The only difference being I need not wait, for it is already mine. I play, I live, I love. What more could a man want, no? This place, this realm, this existence... it is so utterly perfect. However, one promise stands above all others. One solid, golden Truth. She is with me again, always.

My nights are no longer spent alone, my heart no longer callused and cold. I want again... I desire. A feeling I had long since thought I'd abandoned. My heart burns for Her. How sweet She is, how perfect, how beautiful. I wish you could see Her glory! Perhaps... you could.. that is if you'd join me here in paradise, a task much harder than I'd wish upon you. But worry not, for although I am no longer with you, I am truly happy once again, be happy for me in that respect, for it is the most I could ever ask.

She looks upon me of night and of morning, with the most tender of smiles. Before I lay my head to rest, and before I rise each day I give Her a gentle kiss, and what becomes of it from that point on I must say is my secret to share with Her alone. She is warm, kind, gentle and best of all She is mine! Oh GOD how I love Her. HOW I LOVE AGAIN!

Alas, it seems even paradise is not perfect. For in an instant, we snuggle. I hold Her and She holds me. Again, She is warm... very warm. Slowly, my Sanctum brightens, and becomes every more distant and foggy. I feel torn, torn from Her! How can this be? What trickery is this?!

My eyes flutter, disturbed by a sun beam shining through my window. I am alone, my bed cold save for my heat alone. As it become apparent I have awoken from a dream I find myself desperately clinging to a pillow, holding it in a way that seems oddly familiar, but lost to my reality. Curses. A new day has dawned. With is, my paradise once again chased into the shadows to hide until night fall.

It never changes, though I wish it would. Life goes on, and so... the sun rises yet again.

 ~Original work by: Ventriloquist~

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"There is no greater feeling of loneliness than not knowing one's self."
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And So The Sun Rises

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