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A mute duelist...

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A mute duelist... Empty

A mute duelist... Empty
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A mute duelist... Empty

A mute duelist... Empty
PostSubject: A mute duelist... A mute duelist... EmptyFri Jun 26, 2015 10:31 pm#1

I have read a fanfiction that takes place during Season 0 & the very begining, basicily a OC insert. Beside the "he is from another universe thing and cannot remeber like he was just inserted and have been always been there in that universe" part I found one thing verry intresting he is actually... mute. And by mute I do mean not being able to speak.

Now with season 0 which was not really centered on Duel Monsters and so there is not really a problem here. I actually found it interesting and amusing when it came to character interactions. I kind of wished there was also an fanfic about a "mute" Duelist in the Duel Monster, 5DS or GX era. But more specific the Duel Monster Era.

While a "mute" duelist OC in the Duel Monsters Arc would give a lot of problems first of all a Duelist must be able to speak to tell what he is doing. You could make it so that he needs an interperter or a machine for it but would that not take the Intrestting part away or not? Or would the character be intrestting enough that because even with that plot thing in place?

Now another question depending on the circumstances is this something Kaiba or even Pegasus would allow ether he/she was a Duelist that has gone mute by accident, was mute from the very beginning but knows how to play Duel Monsters and just happens to be one Pegasus/Kaiba goals because he/she has a Millenium Item/Egyptian God Card?

Now before you answer I am hesistant to write about this, maybe I combined this with one of my current Fics in the works or not. I want to know what you guys think first would you guys be intrested to see a "mute" duelist or would you rather have he stays a "side" character.

Appologies for the Double Post something went wrong with Posting.
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A mute duelist...

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