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Online Interview #2: Yugi Muto

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Kuriboh Brown


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PostSubject: Online Interview #2: Yugi Muto Fri Aug 02, 2013 9:11 pm#1

 Online Interview #2: Yugi Muto

Hey guys now for the second issue of Online Interview! For this issue we have a special guest… Yugi Muto!

Well anyways here is the interview from the beginning to the end. So there I was in the taxi on my way to Solomon Muto’s (Yugi’s Grandad) card store and I was surprised to find a lot of security outside the shop. I walk up to the nearest entrance when…
Kemo: Attention Duelist! my hair forbids you to take one more step forward.

Me: Oh I was just here to interview Yugi Mu…

At this point I saw Yugi walk out of his shop towards me waving away the security inviting me forward. I walk up to him speechless. “Ba… Ba… Heyyy…”

Yugi Muto: Hello Nightshade, so this the interview you had contacted me about?

Me: No… I mean yes, yes this is the interview

Yugi Muto: Then please join me and my grandfather for dinner.
We walk into the card shop and Yugi leads me to the dinner hall. I see Yugi’s granddad sitting down sipping his soup staring at Black Luster Soldier.

Solomon Muto: No one must know of our forbidden love, Black Luster Soldier.

Yugi: ehem, ehem

Solomon stands up stares at us then slips away to his bedroom o.o…. With the Black Luster soldier card. Yugi sits down and signals for me to sit too. I sit down and take out my note book.

Me: So Yugi, you are the King Of Games, how does it feel?

Yugi: Being King of Games doesn’t do as much as rubbing it in Kaiba’s face that he is ****. Ehhmm… I mean it feels great. You know, VIP everywhere and I get free cards from card shops whenever I want to.

Me: Ooook. Anyway speaking of cards, what would you say your favourite
card is? Many of your fans would say Kuriboh or Slifer the Sky Dragon.

Yugi: Snorts. Slifer he says… hahaha. No you fool, Slifer is nowhere near as powerful as my favourite card. My favourite card would be the Celtic Guardian. Oh, the amount of duels I won with my Celtic Guardian.

Me: Well, King of Games, what would you do if I was to say Synchros and XYZs have been introduced in the current time and celtic guardian is dirt?

Yugi: Sychros?! XYZ?! What are those? Diseases? No no no, you have it all wrong Celtic Guardian is the most powerful card. I even annihilated Melvin… I mean Marik with it.
Me: So Yugi, now onto your personal life…

Yugi: Did you say Tea’s cleavage?

Me: No, no, not at all I was just asking how is it between you and all your friends you know Joey, Tea

Yugi: Kaiba?! Did you just say Kaiba?

Me: No, no why are you soo obsessed with Kaiba I didn’t say Kaiba ok I said Joey, J-O-E-Y, Joey Wheeler.

Yugi: Oh, him. that low life is just tagging around me like a bull dog. Things are fine between us you know I give him doggy treats and all. He didn’t even know I stole his Red-Eyes from him.

Me: How do you think Joey duels you know his playing styles and everything?

Yugi: The guy doesn’t even know how to do it 4 ways… He just stands there clueless until I give him a kick and go don’t worry just watch what I do and follow on. And he says “Hahaha Kaiba doesn’t know anything he has never even been in a 2 way”  What has that got to do with anything? Hahah. Did I ever tell you about the time I saw Joey in his hotel room? hahahaha.

Me: I… don’t wanna know.

I was starting to hate this little midget more and more.He was seriously going to get flushed down the toilet if he carried on like this so I guess its about time I asked for the switch.

Me: Hey, mind if I speak to Yami Yugi?

Yugi: Meh sure… (Epic Music)

Yami Yugi: You wanted to see me?

Me: Wow, it’s the real Yugi…

Yami: Well make it quick I was just finishing my date with Mai Valentine, Joey doesn’t even now she is two timing him… I mean I was just practicing my new tactic I just came up with…

I was starting to hate my choices I mean this guy was turning out to be almost as bad than that little midget. ALMOST

Me: Well it’s a interview so how do you feel about being stuck in a little Pyramid

Yami: How dare you call it a little pyramid?! it is a special item that has been given to Konami by the Illuminati. Calling it a simple Pyramid is a crime!

Me: Oook then so how did you become the King Of Games? What strategies do you use?  You must simply be the best with you always winning and stuff

Yami: Man, I am the male protagonist. I never lose.

Me: I can’t see why not but so you were a pharaoh how does that make you feel about yourself?

Yami: Take a good guess and tell me when you’ve found the answer

He was right I should never have asked him that question.

Me: Well thank you for your time. I will be leaving now

I start to head out when I hear his Granddad… “Black Luster Soldier, that’s enough”. Well I am starting to think that it was actually a really bad idea coming here to this place. I walk outside the front garden only to notice that there were fewer security guards standing outside. Well, I guess I have to go to the bus station since its too late to call a taxi.
I head towards the Bus Station when Kemo comes up…

Kemo: Attention Duelist my hair says: “There is no way out”

Well Guys next week Kaiba will be joining us!

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Slifer Red


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PostSubject: Re: Online Interview #2: Yugi Muto Fri Aug 02, 2013 9:21 pm#2

This is ridiculous...

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PostSubject: Re: Online Interview #2: Yugi Muto Fri Aug 02, 2013 9:30 pm#3

Has a Point.
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Kuriboh Brown


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PostSubject: Re: Online Interview #2: Yugi Muto Fri Aug 02, 2013 10:25 pm#4

cool story bro. needs spell check. I'd be glad to provide such services, if you like.

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-Sig Credit to JFKay. Awesome work!

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Slifer Red


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PostSubject: Re: Online Interview #2: Yugi Muto Sat Aug 03, 2013 12:54 am#5

this is stupid, man interview is about real mans this cannot be interview, maybe an RP

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PostSubject: Re: Online Interview #2: Yugi Muto Sat Aug 03, 2013 1:20 am#6

Oh guys, don't be so negative, he's trying something new and fun.
It's a fun thing to read that. Razz

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PostSubject: Re: Online Interview #2: Yugi Muto Sat Aug 03, 2013 8:31 am#7

I agree with above guys...
I laughed at the illuminati part btw x)
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PostSubject: Re: Online Interview #2: Yugi Muto #8

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Online Interview #2: Yugi Muto

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