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Raidraptor Deck Guide

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Madara Susanoo

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PostSubject: Raidraptor Deck Guide Wed Mar 11, 2015 1:26 am#1

Raid Raptor Deck Guide


A new archetype has been made and the raptors are looking to raid the YGO community. Although not many of the cards for this new archetype have been released it's already showing promise as a potential number 1 xyz deck.

Overall Look:

  1. The archetpye are made up of Winged-Beast type monster that look like robotic birds.

  2. The xyz monsters are low atk and high def monsters which don't make them very popular, but what they lack in strength they make up in effects.

  3. The xyz monsters have various abilities, consisting of destroying all Special Summoned monsters and attacking your opponent directly to destroy one monster on the field.

  4. The main deck monsters also have various abilities when summoned which allow you to special summon from your hand or grave and add a quick-play rank up spell card to your hand.

  5. The main goal is to spam the field with xyz and continue to overwhelm your opponent with various ranks.

Archetype Cards:

Monster Cards

NOTE: Each Raptor has a unique effect which allows you to spam the field or search to increase hand advantage.

Show Cards:

XYZ Cards

Each xyz has it's own unique effect to make up for their lack in atk power

Show cards:

S/T Cards

Show Cards:

Playing Style

Although only a few cards were revealed so far, the archetype's strategy is heavily focused on Xyz Summoning and controlling the field with hand advantage.
The effects of the Raidraptors can be activated during the turn that they were Normal or Special Summoned, and the main purpose of the deck is swarming the field to Xyz Summon Rank 4 or Rank 5 monsters. Thanks to "Vanishing Lanius" being one of the Deck's primary combo pieces Raidraptors have a easy way to keep summoning and a in-archetype searching power, as well as access to other search cards for both Winged Beast-Type monsters and Level 4 monsters.
The Xyz Monsters so far all have low Atk and high Def for their Rank, but they make up for this with some powerful effects: "Rise Falcon" can gain a large amount of ATK, while "Blaze Falcon" can attack directly and destroy monsters with its effects. While  "Raidraptor - Revolution Falcon" combines elements of both of these effects, I still feel it's not really good enough for it's rank. "Raidraptors" do have a Rank-Up strategy, they can use "Rank-up Magic Raptor force" to bring back a xyz that was destroyed this turn and then evolve them into a more powerful form, or they can use "Rank-Up-Magic Revolution Force" to either Rank-Up their own monsters, or their opponent's, while it has no more xyz materials to remove it and use for your own benefit.


Deck hasn't been out long but so far i came into a way to rank any level 5 or level 4 xyz monster that requires 3 materials.

  1. get Vanishing Lanius in grave while you have Mimicry Lanius and Impale Lanius in hand.
  2. summon Impale Lanius and atk (If opponent monster is to strong just use Impale eff to switch it to def)
  3. During your Main Phase 2 summon Vanishing Lanius with Impale Lanius eff
  4. Once summoned use Vanishing Lanius effect to Special summon Mimicry Lanius from hand.
  5. Use Mimicry Lanius to increase all Raidraptor levels by 1 for rank 5 or leave alone for rank 4 and summon whatever you feel you need most

Supporting Cards

  1. Harpie Harpist- Harpie harpist gives you more search abillity to add either Vanishing or Mimicry Lanius to your hand
  2. Blackwing- Now alot of people try to mix these decks, but i prefer just a tech of bora or Kris for a power card you just need to summon to get around some cards
  3. Mask change 2nd + Darklaw- A great tech to add in for grave reliant decks plus you can use it and recycle back whatever you use or if you just want to put harpist + Mimicry in grave and hurt your opponent as well
  4. Icarus Attack- I'm pretty sure everyone knew this but still gotta let you know that this card is just a must in this deck it's a winged-beast Fire Lake honestly and we all know how op Fire Lake is so it's really a no brainer
  5. Rank-Up-Magic Admiration of the Thousand- This is really a personal choice, but we all know that as much Xyz summons this deck does and most likely your opponent will be doing some to keep up this card will take all the Xyz of the same rank from each grave and you got an easy rank up summon. This really in my opinion a top deck card


  1. Shadow-Imprisoning-Mirror would completly screw you cause no effects means no spamming
  2. Macro or Fissure will just shut down the grave which means no recycling and no spamming
  3. Mistake & Rai-oh if any of these cards are on field you will be slowed down so much with no search you can find yourself in a world of trouble
  4. Kaiser Colosseum & Summon Limit will shut down the xyz and leave you mostly with main deck monsters that can be destroyed easily


This deck has many ways you can run it and very versatile, so i didnt go into to much detail about how many cards to run. At the end of the day it's depending on how you plan to run the deck

This is my personal deck I run, it works well for me:

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PostSubject: Re: Raidraptor Deck Guide Wed Mar 11, 2015 4:46 am#2

It seems a very interesting archetype. I'd suggest few more cards as supporting cards, like Monk, Crane, Swallow's Nest. All of them are helpful specially Swallow's Nest.

The guide is really well done, really good job Madara, thank you very much for sharing.
Keep up the good work.

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PostSubject: Re: Raidraptor Deck Guide Wed Mar 11, 2015 11:27 am#3

Loved this archtype the moment i saw it on Arc-v. Looks very promising irl too :]

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PostSubject: Re: Raidraptor Deck Guide #4

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Raidraptor Deck Guide

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