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RDA's Beginning: Our Message, Goals And Vision.

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PostSubject: RDA's Beginning: Our Message, Goals And Vision. Sat Jul 06, 2013 5:29 am#1



-::Resurrection Duel Academy, The beginning::- 

RDA was created on 30 June 2013 and was officially launched after around 8 days.
Overall, RDA's community started with PDA's one [Percy Duel Academy] along aside few other members of PRA [Pro Revolution Academy] after it closed.

 Our Message

First message:
RDA is a place for fun and having friends. We are a small growing community that seeks to serve each single one of our members to have fun here without online drama that we all have witnessed everywhere. Anyone from any place is welcome here, let RDA be the new page of starting all over again, let's put the hate, fights and all that behind us and start this new page in RDA.

Second message:
RDA is a friendly academy to all other similar sites. We respect them and always wishing them the best, and I hope them to wish as the same to us.

Third message:
RDA will be always remain standing for those who stick to it and the people who helped creating it. Our name tells it all, we are Reconstruction Duel Academy, no matter what we will always resurrect. 

 Our Goals

1- Presenting all types of entertainment to every single member of RDA.
2- Being friends with other sites and academies.
3- Creating a friendly site where all can enjoy their time.
4- Rise with our small community to be big, clean, helpful, fun and enjoyable.
5- Achieving stable activity all the time.

Our Vision 

1-To become one of the best and biggest academies around YGO community with the help of each member of RDA.
2-Approaching all YGO communities to be friends with (and no, RDA will not war any academy, ever!)

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RDA's Beginning: Our Message, Goals And Vision.

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